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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Barbados: Bit and Bites You'll Love!

Beach View St. Lawrence Gap Christ Church Barbados
(St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, Barbados)

Last year, I was lucky enough to take my sixth trip to my motherland Barbados. Although I was born and live in the UK, my parents hail from Barbados and so I try to go as much as possible. Previous to this trip my last visit to Barbados was in 2007 so it definitely due time for me to visit again. As well as visiting my family and friends, this holiday was perfect opportunity to do some more touristy things like see the sights, doing some shopping and chowing down on authentic Caribbean food.

Barbados is an island in the east of the Caribbean. It is gorgeous island full of great beaches, geographical sites and other tourist attractions. I spent three weeks there and I still didn't get to do everything on my bucket list unfortunately. However, I did get to see, do and eat lots of stuff, so I thought I clue you up on some of my favourite bits and bites from Barbados.


(Accra Beach Hotel, Rockley, Christ Church [Source])

We (my boyfriend and I) stayed in the Accra Beach Hotel in Rockley, Christ Church. It is a stunning hotel on the beach with good service, a fantastic pool, amazing bar and great restaurant with every food you can imagine. We were greeted on arrival with the most delicious rum punch cocktails, let's just they don't go lightly on the rum in Barbados. Our room was very cute with the traditional caribbean decor of bright colours and light wood. The hotel has wifi and good entertainment/news channels on the TV so you never feel too disconnected from home, unless you want to of course!

Accra Beach Hotel Room Rockley Barbados
(Accra Beach Hotel, Rockley, Christ Church [Source])


Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Green Monkey at Barbados Wildlife Reserve
(Green Monkey chilling at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve)

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve (Farley Hill, St Peter) is a wildlife conservation in the mahogany woods of Farley Hill National Park. At the reserve you get to see the wildlife of Barbados in their natural environment up close and personal. There are various animals at the reserve; Green Monkeys, parrots, pelicans, flamingoes, peacocks, caiman, snakes, iguanas, tortoise, turtles, Brocket Deers and armadillos. I couldn't believe I was able to take a photo of this cute green monkey so close. My top tip is to get there during feeding time (2pm daily) as you get to see the full variety of animal there!

Feeding time at Barbados Wildlife Reserve
(Feeding time at the Wildlife Reserve)

Peacock at Barbados Wildlife Reserve
(Beautiful Peacock strolling the park)

Couple of Tortoises at Barbados Wildlife Reserve
(Cute couple of Tortoises)

Harrison's Cave

Stalagmite formations in Harrison's Cave Barbados
(Stalagmite formations in Harrison's Cave)

Harrison's Cave (Allen View, St Thomas), is located in the centre of the island. It is geographical wonder and breathtaking beautiful sight to experience to see. Harrison's Cave is underground cavern with waterfalls, streams and stalactite & stalagmite formations. You can take a tram tour around the caves and witness it's eery beauty. The tour guides are great and pick up so many facts about the Cave and the island.

Nia and Jordan Harrison's Cave Barbados
(Me and Jordan in the Cave)

Animal Flower Cave

Sea View Animal Flower Cave North Point St Lucy Barbados
(View looking out from inside the cave)

Animal Flower Cave (North Point, St. Lucy) is another beautiful cave in Barbados. It is in the most northern parish of the island. Animal Flower Cave however is the island only accessible sea cave. The walls of the cave are full of beautiful green and brown formation formed by oxidised copper and iron. The views of the cliffs and sea from the cave are spectacular, I imagine it would be brilliant to see the sunrise/sunset from there. Do not expect to see many animals or flowers in the cave as the name actually comes from sea anemones which resemble flower but have the reflexes of animals.

Inside Animal Flower Cave North Point St Lucy Barbados


Rugged Beach of Bathsheba St Joseph Barbados
(Picturesque beauty of Bathsheba)

Bathsheba (St. Joseph) is located on the island's east coast. The waves on this beach are rugged so this is definitely not a place to go for a swim as the waves are much too aggressive. However you can dip your toes into the cool shallow pools. The Soup Bowl at Bathsheba is the site of many national and international surfing competitions. Bathsheba has a lovely untouched beauty. It's almost as if you're on the set of Cast Away. 

Beach View Bathsheba St Joseph Barbados


Swim with Turtles

Snorkeling with Turtles Barbados
(Jordan's underwater snap of turtles)

Swim with these magical creature is the beautiful Caribbean sea. Tour guides for snorkeling and other can spotted at most popular beaches. We manage to find a tour operator near The Boatyard in Bridgetown, Christ Church. I wasn't as confident as my boyfriend about getting in the water so I watch the fishes and turtles swim underneath the glass-bottom boat.

Exploring the Sea Barbados
(Jordan swimming with the guide)

Drink Rum on a Tour of Mt. Gay
Mount Gay Rum Selection at the Visitor Centre
(Selection of Mount Gay Rum)

If you're of age and drink alcohol you cannot leave Barbados without trying the local rum, Mount Gay Rum! Take a tour around Mount Gay Visitor Centre (Bridgetown, Christ Church) and you get to taste the rum and learn about the production process from molasses to barrel to bottle. Furthermore you can take a cocktail classes too. Just make sure you eat before you arrive and get a taxi to drive you back!

Mount Gay Rum Visitor's Centre Distillery Barbados
(Inside the Distillery)

Take a flight on a Concorde

(Snap with the last Concorde)

On the Barbados Concorde Experience (Grantley Adams Airport, Christ Church) you get to see the British Airways Concorde G-BOAE or Alpha Echo. The plane is in mint condition and the knowledgeable guides give you an in depth history of this legendary feat of engineering and beauty which took travel from London Heathrow to Barbados in under 4 hours.

British Airways Concorde Tickets Grantley Adams Airport BarbadosInside British Airways Concorde Grantley Adams Airport Barbados
(Left: Our ticket for the flight | Right: Me and Jordan on the Concorde)

Enjoy the Nightlife at St. Lawrence Gap

St Lawrence Gap Christ Church Street View Barbados
(Signs on The Gap)

St Lawrence Gap (or The Gap, Christ Church) is a stretch of road well known for it's nightlife, bars, restaurants and hotels. During the day The Gap is quite peaceful and you find a nice place to eat, drink and buy local trinkets/souvenirs but by night thing heats up - let the partying and music begin!

Sharkeys St Lawrence Gap Christ Church Barbados
Caribbean Colours Sharkeys St Lawrence Gap Christ Church Barbados
(Sharkey's Colourful Bar)


(Macaroni Cheese Pie with Stew Beef)

I gained pounds in Barbados because the food was unbelievably good. If you want to try some of the local dishes then you definitely want to try the national dish Flying Fish with Cou-cou (Cou-cou is a cornmeal based dish with okra). Also dishes like Macaroni Pie, Fried/Grilled Fish and Fish Cakes. And for a refreshing drink you want to try Mauby, fresh Lemonade, Banks beer or a cocktail with local rum. If you're a foodie then you have to go Oistins, a fishing town, where they hold a fish fry particularly popular on a Friday night when things get a bit more lively. Some of my favourite spots at Oistins have to be Chilling & Grilling and Uncle George's which have fantastic customer service and delicious food. Just Grilling (Rockley and various other locations) was another restaurant we enjoyed eating at whether you wanted a nice sandwich or cooked meal, you could rely on being satisfied by the food at Just Grilling. In particular we loved the BBQ Beef Ribs and Fish of the Day SandwichFisherman's Pub (Speightstown, St. Peter) offer an array of local delights daily, I loved the Fried Flying Fish, Macaroni Pie and Fish CakesBubba's Sports Bar and Restaurant we visited for their buffet breakfast - you can get everything from pancakes, baked beans to sausages! Finally Chefette is the local fast food chain and believe me it's nothing like you get in the UK. You can get Rotis, Fried Chicken with Biscuits and more Macaroni Pie. Honestly I loved the Macaroni Pie so much.

(Left: Grilled Fish at Oistins, Uncle George | Right: Flying Fish, Rice and Peas at Just Grillin')

Pork with Rice and Peas and Plantain Barbados Food
(Pork with Plantain, Rice and Peas)

Well that's my guide/experience of Barbados. I hope it gave you a little taster of how eventful a trip to Barbados can be! As I mentioned I stayed three weeks there I didn't even get to see everything but I guess that leaves me something to come back to next time!

Have you been to Barbados or is Barbados a place on your bucket list? Let me know your thought.

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