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Sleek MakeUP Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Review

Sleek MakeUp Precious Metals Highlighting Palette BoxSleek MakeUp Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Outside

Another Sleek review! If you didn't know already I'm a big Sleek MakeUp fan and so when I heard about Sleek MakeUp latest palettes I stalked their displays in high street drugstores until I could get hold one... And of course, I did! 

The Sleek MakeUp Precious Metal Highlighting Palette retails at £9.99 and is available from Boots, Superdrug and there website The palette itself is absolutely beautiful, instead of the classic Sleek matte black packaging, Sleek has opted for a beautiful metallic bronze design which gives the product an instant high end feel. The palette is also lightweight and therefore great for travelling with.

Sleek MakeUp Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Outside 2

The Precious Metals Highlighting Palette consists of; 3 cream highlighters, one powder highlighter and a small compact brush for on the go. The four shades in the palette are;
  • Platinum - an opalescent cool tone almost-pink cream highlighter with very fine shimmer. In the pan it looks like would be more of a white gold shade like NARS Albatross.
  • Royal Gold - a glittery cool gold cream highlighter. The shimmer in this is not as fine as the other highlighters. 
  • Renaissance Gold - a shimmery warm gold cream highlighter. My favourite in this palette.
  • Antique Bronze - a light bronze shimmery pressed powder highlighter.

Sleek MakeUp Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Inside
Sleek MakeUp Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Inside 2
(Platinum, Royal Gold,  Renaissance Gold, Antique Gold)

Before I start my critique let me first mention, I'm usually not a fan of cream texture product; as a girl with oily skin they tend not to very agreeable and for that reason I favour powder everything. Secondly as my skin tends to be oily, highlighting can be tricky because oiliness can make you naturally very shiny therefore its a balancing act with highlighter in order to not end the day looking like a disco ball. And this is why I was so shocked that I loved this pallet so much! Despite the cream consistency my skin look glowing and not greasy throughout the day. 

The way I found it best apply the highlighter was either with a small fluffy blending brush or a small synthetic concealer brush and lightly press it onto my cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow, forehead and bridge of my nose. They I lightly dusted a layer of pressed powder to set it. And the highlights was absolutely heavenly - they had such a nice glowy, luminous look when applied.

My favourite in the palette, as I mentioned before, has to be Renaissance Gold. I find that the warm undertone compliments the warmth in my skin tone very well. Whereas the cooler toned Platinum and Royal Gold would probably be better suited those with cooler and fairer skin tones although they are still pretty amazing. Antique Bronze I feel would look amazing on deeper skin tones layered with blush. Personally, I feel Royal Gold came off a bit too sparkly/glittery and I found it a bit harder to wear.

Overall though, I'm really happy with my purchase. I've become addicted to the dewy, luminous looks I can create with this palette and I would definitely recommend it.

Sleek MakeUp Precious Metals Highlighting Palette Swatches
(Swatches left to right; Platinum, Royal Gold,  Renaissance Gold, Antique Gold)

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