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E.L.F. Studio Blush Product Review with Swatches

ELF Studio Blush Collection Packaging

Recently I've been an E.L.F make up binge. I know I already have enough make-up but when a brand like E.L.F. which is already pretty affordable goes on sale (50% off & 60% off) - how can you not end up with a digital basket not filled with goodies!? Anyway I copped a lot of stuff so I'm going to be doing quite a few E.L.F reviews in the near future!

This review is on the E.L.F Studio Blushes which currently consist of 11 blush (of which I have 9):
  • Berry Merry
  • Blushing Rose
  • Candid Coral
  • Fuchsia Fusion
  • Giddy Gold
  • Peachy Keen
  • Pink Passion
  • Tickled Pink
  • Twinkle Pink

which all retail at the pocket friendly price of £3.75. 

The packaging is kind of reminiscent of NARS packaging however it completely plastic instead of a rubber finish which in my opinion is much better because NARS packaging gets dirty easily and is a itch to clean. Also the lid has a clear section which makes it super simply to find the colour you want easily. 

The range of shades isn't the best line consists of a couple deeper plum tones, some pinks and some very shimmery peach/corals. Also the line doesn't really have too many matte shades (Pink Passion &Tickled Pink) either which I'd personally prefer as shimmer can show skin imperfections. I really disliked the glitter finish on Fuchsia Fusion and Twinkle Pink as I feel it just looks cheap.

The texture of the blushes was different depending on the finish: 
  • the matte blushes tended to a bit chalky and powdery but buildable and blendable (Pink Passion &Tickled Pink)
  • the shimmer finish tended to be less powdery but bit a "gritty" in the pan (Berry Merry, Blushing Rose, Candid Coral, Giddy Gold and Peachy Keen)
  • the glitter finish are a bit on the hard side this makes it hard to get colour pay off with them (Tickled Pink & Fuchsia Fusion).

As far as colour pay off goes it varied from blush to blush so definitely take a look at my individual reviews & swatches below. In terms of wearing time I'd say you can get at 4 hours before the blushes start to fade. 

Would I recommend these blushes? The answer to be completely honest is maybe a few. I loved wearing Blushing Rose and Berry Merry as I though they really complimented my skin tone, applied and blend really nicely. Whereas the the pay off wasn't to great on other so they weren't really worth the full £3.75 price.

You can purchase E.L.F make-up on the official website in the uk.

ELF Studio Blush Swatches; Berry Merry, Blushing Rose & Candid Coral
(Swatches: Berry Merry, Blushing Rose & Candid Coral)

ELF Studio Blush in Berry Merry
Berry Merry is a mauve pink blush with gold shimmer. The gold shimmer don't show on my face though it does have a slightly iridescence. I absolutely love this blush - its pigmented, applies and blends beautiful. I definitely feel this will suit most skin tones.

ELF Studio Blush in Blushing Rose
Blushing Rose is dusty rose brown blush with shimmer. This blush is similar to Berry Merry but more brown. This is another favourite for me - once again it pigmented, blends and applies beautifully.

ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral
Candid Coral is a light shimmery coral shade. I love this for a subtle cheek.

ELF Studio Blush Swatches in Giddy Gold, Fuschia Fusion and Peachy Keen
(Swatches:  Giddy Gold, Fuschia Fusion & Peachy Keen)

ELF Studio Blush in Giddy Gold
Giddy Gold is a very shimmery gold blush. I think this way to golden and shimmery to be a blush however used a highlight this works.

ELF Studio Blush in Fuschia Fusion
Fuchsia Fusion in bright hot pink blush with silver glitter. The blush is a little on the powdery side. Also I'm not fond of glitter in my face products as I feel it looks a little cheap. However the glitter isn't too intense however the pigmentation isn't all to great on this one either.

ELF Studio Blush in Peachy Keen
Peachy Keen is shimmery peachy/coral blush. It's very similar to Candid Coral but less pigmented. Not a fan of this one at all.

ELF Studio Blush Swatches in Pink Passion, Tickled Pink and Twinkle Pink
(Swatches: Pink Passion, Tickled Pink & Twinkle Pink)

ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion
Pink Passion is a matte bright cool pink blush. It is very powdery however it nicely pigmented. I actually like this one despite the odd texture, it applied nicely.

ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink is light pink matte blush. This one is not to pigmented or long lasting. The colour is buildable but I'm not a fan.

ELF Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink
Twinkle Pink is glittery corally pink blush. This blush is pretty powdery but the pigmentation isn't all to bad. I would of like this one without the glitter I feel.

What are your thoughts on the ELF Studio Blush range? Will you be purchasing any?

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