Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams Product Review

(From left to right: Birthday Suit, Petal, Party Pink, Brink Pink, Rioja Red and Fandango Purple)

I love Sleek MakeUp! I just feel like they really bring it when it comes to the quality of the products and innovative new releases for reasonable prices (no I'm not getting paid for this review, lol). So you know I was super excited when I heard about the latest products from Sleek, the new Matte Me Lip Creams. The Matte Me lip creams retail at £4.99 and available at the Sleek MakeUp  website or at Superdrug.

The six lip creams in the Matte Me collection are:
  • Fandango Purple - Berry purple
  • Rioja Red - Ruby red
  • Party Pink - Coral pink
  • Brink Pink - Hot pink
  • Petal - Baby pink
  • Birthday Suit - Nude with pink undertone

Matte Me Lip Creams are supposed to a be creamy lip product that apply wet but dry to a matte or shineless finish. I never tried a Matte Lip Cream before so I can't really compare them but I'm guessing these are somewhat similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. I love the bold selection of shades in the collection however I wish there were  more Autumn/Winter hues like maybe a berry shade or deeper brown.

My thoughts on the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams... they are really cool products especially if you like a bold lip. I personally feel the darker shades are stars of the show as the lighter shades applied a little bit patchy on me. When you first apply the lip cream it feels really nice and moisturising however as the creams dries - your lips dry up too which isn't the nicest feeling. Obviously with most matte lip products you don't expect them to immensely moisturising but these lip creams felt almost powder on the lips. In term of longevity, they weren't bad at all - if you don't intend to lick your lips, kiss anyone or eat but other that...

Would I recommend these? That's a hard one. These product are very fun to play with but I wouldn't call home about them. I do love some of the shades, my favourites have to Fandango Purple & Rioja Red.  However, I think a matte lipstick in all truth are good enough for me.


(From left to right: Birthday Suit, Petal, Party Pink, Brink Pink, Rioja Red and Fandango Purple) 

Birthday Suit is nude lip cream with a slight pink undertone. I was anxious about buying this shade as many nude tones from the drugstore tend to be light for my skintone and make me look like the undead. But this shades actually looks quite nice against my skintone - it has the right balance nude brown and pink however it can apply a little patchy.

Petal looks like a quite subtle pink-mauvey shade in the tube but applied to the lips it is a very baby pink shade. I found it hard to work with this shade as it is just to light for my skin tone to work on me alone. Usually with a pink like this I would apply some sort of purple or brown lip liner but with a matte lip cream - I'm not quite sure how to do that...  However this would be a very nice shade for those with lighter skin tone. I also felt like it applied a little patchy.

Party Pink is like a very corally pink shade though it photographed somewhat on the orange side. I really like this shade and it applied on to the lips quite evenly. I would say though this a more a Spring/Summer shade for me and I can't quite see me wearing this to often over the next few months.

 Blink Pink is a warm pink shade. It's definitely not for those who are afraid of colour. This is would look great paired either with a strong eyeliner or a fresh faced rosey cheek look. Apply evenly without being patchy - I love this one!

Rioja Red is a warm red shade. I'm in love with this red! It makes my teeth look nice and white, it perfect for the autumn and it's just such a classic colour/finish that I can see me reaching for regularly.

Fandango Purple is a warm berry purple shade. I love purple lipstick so when I first saw the collection I know I had to have this one. This shade did not disappoint at all - it  is my perfect Autumn/Winter shade! This one would be perfect paired with a smokey eye or a bold eyeliner look.

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