Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sleek Gloss Me Lip Gloss Product Review

(From left to right: Fools Gold, Belle of the Ball, Rose, Cranberry Crush, Kiss & Tell and So Berry Sweet)

Hello again! I'm back with another review of a line from my favourite drugstore brands! This time I'm reviewing the Sleek Gloss Me Lip Glosses (find my Sleek Matte Me Product Review here), which was released in August online and in store (Superdrug) earlier this month. Each lipgloss retails for a reasonable £4.99 and there are 6 lipgloss in the collection.

The 6 lip glosses in the collection are:
  • Fools Gold - Pale nude gold
  • Belle Of The Ball - Cool toned pale pink
  • Rose - Peachy pink
  • Cranberry Crush - Berry pink
  • Kiss & Tell - Orange toned red
  • So Berry Sweet - Deep ruby red

(Fools Gold, Belle of the Ball, Rose, Cranberry Crush, Kiss & Tell and So Berry Sweet)

To be absolutely honest I'm not the biggest fan of lip gloss, I'm just more of lipstick girl. However what attracted me to these beauties, was the range of what looked like vibrant shimmery shades and the really cute "Sleek" packaging. (Not to mention the MakeUp Junkie in me just wants to buy everything Sleek, lol).

From my first swatches of these lip glosses, I thought these lip glosses and I were going to be best friends, as the pigmentation seemed quite good. However, I was quite disappointed that the colour pay off of most of these are quite sheer on the lips. In fact, I found it really disappointing in fact that some of these shades look entirely too similar on my lips just like a shimmery tinted sheen.

There are some redeeming points about these lip glosses though. The shimmer finish I found really nice as it is quite fine as opposed to chunky glittey bitsr. Also the finish is perfect for making your lips look fuller and plumper. I'm also glad to report these aren't all to stick either and apply quite nice and evenly without settling in the creases of your lip.

My favourite out the bunch would have to be Kiss & Tell as it has the best colour pay and is a lovely red. All in all, these lip glosses are not bad and probably look great paired up with a matching lip stick. I would give them a 2.5 out of 5.

(Fools Gold, Belle of the Ball, Rose, Cranberry Crush, Kiss & Tell and So Berry Sweet)

Fools Gold is a sheer nude gold colour which would look lovely over a nude or brown lipstick. This would look nice with a dark smokey eye.

Belle of the Ball is a sheer cool tone pale pink, in some light it even looks a bit purple swatched. This had to be one of my least favourite as it really doesn't show on me.

Rose is warm peachy pink. This one is also very sheer on me but would look nice paired with an peach lipstick. This lip gloss is perfect for a fresh face, no make-up or everyday school/work makeup.

Cranberry Crush is a berry pink shade. It looks only slightly darker then Rose on.

Kiss & Tell is a tomato orange red shade. It's the most pigmented out of the bunch and my favourite lip gloss in the collection. This would look great pair with gold eye shadow for an old Hollywood look.

So Berry Sweet is deep red berry shade perfect for Autumn/Winter. It's a tiny bit darker then Kiss & Tell but not as pigmented however it would great with a red lipstick.

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