Monday, February 25, 2013

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks Product Review with Swatches

Sleek MakeUP has to be my favourite drug store make up brand! Because they're always releasing great new products, their make-up is women of colour friendly (actually they were originally created for women of colour) and everything is pretty affordable! 
Anyway onto the review! I own 15 of the Sleek True Colour Lipstick in various colours which I've collected over the past year. I love most of the range because it contains so many vibrant, bold and bright colours you don't see in other drug store ranges. The shades I own are: 
  • Amped – Cool bright pink (Matte)
  • Baby Doll – Light baby pink (Sheen)
  • Cherry – Deep warm cherry red (Sheen)
  • Exxxagerate – Dark mauve purple, says it matte but has a little shimmer to it  (Matte
  • Fuschia – Cool vibrant pink (similar to Amped but different finish) (Sheen)
  • Heartbreaker – Warm corally pink (I think this one is similar to Candy Cane but Candy Cane has a Sheen finish) (Matte)
  • Liqueur – Nude pink with subtle shimmer to it (Sheen)
  • Loved Up – Beautiful hot pink (Sheen)
  • Mystic  – Purple pink colour (Matte)
  • OMG - Orange toned red (Sheen) (New to my collection - so it's not photographed but I do have a photo of it on the lips)
  • Naked  – A nude which blends right into my skin tone (Sheen)
  • Papaya Punch – Bright coral (Similar to Coral Reef, I think but with a different finish) (Matte)
  • Pink Freeze – Warm vibrant barbie pink (Matte)
  • Russian Roulette  – Warm brown red (Matte)
  • Tangerine Scream  – Vibrant Orange (Matte)
When you purchase the Sleek True Colour Lipstick they come in cute little boxes which kind of gives that high end feel. The actual packaging of the lipstick itself is also quite chic and sleek - the tubes are black, oval and understated. I like the fact the tubes are quite plain however the colour stickers on the top are not always a good reflection on the colour of the lipstick.

The Sleek True Colour Lipstick come in two finishes which are Sheen and Matte. Obviously the Sheen have a more shiny, creamy finish where as the Matte are more flat looking. Some of the matte shades can be a little dry and drag; I had this problem with Exaggerate and Papaya Punch, I found these two in particular I felt applied a little bit patchy or settled in the creases. This can be dealt with a little lip exfoliant and/or lip balm. Whilst other are more on the creamier side so they apply more easily (Amped, Mystic & Heartbreaker). The Sheen finish lipstick are less problematic, apply easily and evenly.

Personally, I love matte lipstick because you have that bit more versatility because you can wear them matte or add a lip gloss for a high shine finish.

 (Amped, Baby Doll, Cherry, Exxxagerate and Fuschia)

(Heartbreaker, Loved Up, Liquer, Mystic and Naked)

( O.M.G., Papaya Peach, Pink Freeze, Russian Roulette & Tangerine Scream)

My favourite shades have to be Russian Roulette (great everyday red), Mystic (I love purple tones on brown skin) and Heartbreaker (great bright shade for the Spring!). There are quite a few dupes within the collection so be mindful when purchasing these lipstick (I've named the ones I know above). 

All in all, I love the Sleek True Colour Lipsticks. They are long lasting, vibrant and great fun to wear. I wish some the matte shade were a bit less drying however, I love them nevertheless. I would give them 3.5 out of 5.

Below are the lipstick applied on my lips:





Loved Up





Papaya Punch

Pink Freeze

Russian Roulette

Tangarine Scream

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