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9 Must Watch YouTube Beauty Vloggers!

YouTube is an absolute god send for a beginner to the beauty scene. Even for a seasoned pro you can always pick up new tips, techniques and reviews on the newest products. With that being said, it can be hard to navigate YouTube to find the best quality videos BUT I’ve tracked down some of the best, and my personal favourites in, YouTube vloggers of make-up, beauty and skincare. So here is my list of must-watch vloggers for tutorials, reviews and swatches in no particular order...

1. NitraaB

Anitra (or NitraaB) is a vlogger of make-up, accessories, hair & beauty. Not only is she fantastic with a make-up brush but her personality really brings her videos to life and makes them extremely enjoyable to watch. Her tutorials are easy to follow and she always shares great make-up looks and tips. Another great reason to subscribe is because she always has her finger on the pulse of the latest promotions and discounts...

Must-watch videos from NitraaB include: Full Make Up Routine, Summer Must Have Beauty Essentials and Everyday Makeup Look.

2. shirleybeniang

Shirley B. Eniang is a beauty and style vlogger but also the writer of one of my favourite blogs meek-n-mild. Her style is chic and sophisticated and this is reflected in the way she does her make-up. If you like flawless, almost-natural looking make-up then definitely subscribed to this channel. And for the fashionistas out there, you'll love Shirley's OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

Must-watch videos from shirleybeniang: 10 Current Favourites, Glowy Foundation & Red Lip/Winged Eyeliner Look and Skincare

3. beautybyjj

BeautybyJJ is a channel from make-up, hair and fashion vlogger Jennie Jenkins. She uploads a crazy amount of tutorial for stunning and striking make-up looks. Also check out her tumblr

Must-watch videos from beautybyjj: Eyebrow Routine, Foundation Collection-Oily Skin and Tutorial - Nuetral Eyes, Bold Lip

4. gossmakeupartist

Gossmakeupartist is a channel by an experienced make-up artist. This channel is great if you want detailed techniques, insider tricks and in-depth product knowledge. He explains everything so well I reckon he could get a novice in make-up looking like a supermodel....

Must-watch videos from gossmakeupartist: How To: Get Rid Of Blackheads, How To: Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro and Top 5 Foundation You Must Own!

5. lilpumpkinpie05

Jacqueline Aina is also a make-up artist and vlogger and blogger (Make Up Game On Point). Once again she breakdown everything she does with such clarity so it's pretty easy to follow. I would say her tutorials are more for someone who is a bit more advanced though. Her channel also includes reviews and OOTD.

Must-watch videos from lilpumpkinpie05: Brandy for Ebony Mag June, 5 Minute Smokey Eye and How to Shade Match Foundation

6. eyelinerlover (Beauty by Lee)

Stephanie Lee is a beautiful natural haired beauty vlogger and blogger (Beauty by Lee). Her make up looks tend to be on the louder, brighter side so definitely subscribe to her channel if you're make-up lover who not afraid of colour or drama.

Must-watch videos from eyelinerlover: Call Me Bubble Tutorials, Tropical Breeze Tutorial and Everyday Makeup Look

7. pixiwoo

Pixiwoo are two sisters and mother that are both make-up artist. They do a wide selection of videos going from celebrity make-up tutorial to make-up for different occasions and product reviews. I love watching these two reviewing products together because they are really entertaining and yet pretty descriptive at the same time.

Must-watch videos from pixiwoo: First Date Make-Up, Aishwarya Rai Make-Up and Guide to MAC Foundation

8. DulceCandy87

DulceCandy87's channel is one of the first channel I got referred to when I wanted to do make-up properly. Her channel is beginner appropriate and I love her chatty conversational video style. Her make-up looks always look polished, fresh faced and youthful. She also does OOTD and is a brilliant fashion blogger (

Must-watch videos from DulceCandy87: Starlight Express - Holiday Makeup Look, Tutorial: Fun Colorful Eyes and Arabian Eyes

9. AndreasChoice

I've only recently discovered this channel but I love it. Andrea is chatty, quirky, humorous and her videos make you feel like you're getting ready with her or actually in the room with her. Her videos tend to be a combination of fashion and beauty, completed look, which is great if you're in need for some style inspo.

Must-watch videos from AndreasChoice: Springtime Glow Makeup & Rope Braid, Quick D.I.Y Springtime Nail Trick and Summer Lovin' Beauty Tips

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