Monday, June 17, 2013

MUA MakeUp Academy Lipsticks Product Review

It doesn't get much cheaper then £1. I mean how many items can you buy for a £1 these days. Not even local bus fare is a pound, but I digress... MUA is a UK brand exclusive to Superdrug and the best thing about them is most of there products retails at under £5 with a significant amount of make-up priced at just £1!

These 16 MUA lipstick included, each cost me £1 but how do these £1 lipsticks fare (or should I say, wear)? Well to be honest, the range can be a hit or miss. Some lipsticks I love because they are really nicely pigmented, have a creamy texture and are genuinely nice shades. Whilst others are not so good with a weird sparkle/metallic finish, nasty colour or no pigment at all. None of them are that long lasting but I didn't really expect that from a £1 lipstick.

Because the lipstick vary so much in performance see my individual reviews, photos and swatches below (my favourites are marked with asterisks*):
(Left to right: #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5)

*Lipstick #1: Deep blue toned red sheen finish - very nicely pigment and creamy.

*Lipstick #2: Light mauve purple sheen finish - good pigment, quite nice.

*Lipstick #3: Warm hot pink sheen finish - very opaque, pigmented and creamy.

Lipstick #4: Looks light cool pink in the tube - it is very sheer, not pigmented. It reminds me of  tinted lip balm and the only colour seems to settle in the lines of my lip.

Lipstick #5: Looks like a medium pink with sparkle in the tube but on it just looks very glittery and chunky glitter at that.

 (Left to right: #6, #7, #8, #9 and #10)

Lipstick #6: Very shimmery dark pink with silver specks - a bit to shimmery for me

Lipstick #7: Peach with a slight shimmer - very creamy, does tend to settle. Quite nice.

Lipstick #8: Red with brown undertones, has gold shimmer to it. I like.

Lipstick 9: Metallic/shimmery light mauve - not a fan

Light #10: Brown/red with a shimmer finish - not great pigment.

 (Left to right: #11, #12, #13, #14 Bare, #15 Juicy and #16 Nectar)

*Lipstick #11: Pink brown with a slight sheen - a your lips but better colour

Lipstick #12: Very glittery peachy/pin lipstick. Not a fan.

*Lipstick #13: An orange toned red sheen finish - very pigmented.

#14 "Bare" Lipstick: Light semi-matte nude - more wearable with a brown lipliner, as you can see it settles

#15 "Juicy" Lipstick: Creamy light pinky peach - feathers, settles but nice pigment

*#16 "Nectar" Lipstick: A nice coral, creamy and pigmented

Overall, I do think at £1 a pop some of these are a great bargain. I would say definitely stay away from the sparkle finish as they tend to be chunky and look a bit childish. The MUA lipstick are definitely worth checking out but make sure you swatch them before you buy. Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Have you tried the MUA lipstick? What are your thoughts on them? Will you be trying any lipstick from MUA? Drop me a comment.

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