Wednesday, September 05, 2012

11 Signs You Are A Product Junkie

I am a certified product junkie. I love trying different products and products line whether that be make-up, skincare or hair care. I love finding the next new thing and reviewing them so you know what's worth trying. BUT being a product junkie is an expensive & exhausting habit (or should I say addiction) and the truth is you only need so many products. I only realised recently I had a bit of a problem with the occurrence of certain "signs" so I just want to share with you the "signs" so you can also start your product junkism rehabilitation.

1. Your friends and family come to you for products. They no longer shop for products they just use your cast-offs.

2. You have untouched products you bought over a month ago.

3. Instead of facing that you don't actually need another [insert product here] you find reasons why you need, or worse, why you deserve it.

4. You go to your beauty supply store just to "browse". But of course you purchase something "need".

5. Once in a while you discover a product you didn't realise you had. 

6. You have to find new storage spaces to house your new product buys.

7. You have a solid beauty regime but you still like to check for "alternative options".

8. You have enough product to open your own store that could compete with Superdrugs, Boots or Space NK (or Target if you're in the US)

9. If you weren't able to leave you house for 2 months, you might starve but you hair, skin and nails would still look good.

10. Your extensive product knowledge means you could comfortably work in your local beauty supply store, no training needed.

11. At any one time you have at least 10 thoroughly researched products on your wishlist.

Please add your personal "signs" in the comment section, I look forward to reading them!

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