Wednesday, December 08, 2010

AW10 Winter Hats

This blog post is long overdue, so I apologise. However, the season winter a.k.a hat season will still be with us of for next couple so this post is still pretty relevant.

Hats are made to keep your head warm in the winter months but they can be more than just practical, they can also be an extension of your outfit. So why just stick to wearing the same old black woolly boring hats when there are so many different styles on the high street to suit your every styling needs!

Not only can a hat be a styling accessory but a bad hair day saviour, like I once read before on a blog, "Bad hair day = Good hat day"!

The Flat Cap

Aside for being uber- cute and super "cool" looking, a flat cap is bang on on trend with the heritage fashion this season.

The Beanie and Knit Beret

These come in so many colours and variation. But the best thing about them in that you dress up or down. This has to be my favourite hat style!

The Fedora or Trilby

A chic city styled trilby or fedora can set off a a casual outfit.

The Fur (or Faux Fur) Cossack

Lovely warm fur...

The Beret

Oh la la... A French beret always channels elegant and chic.

The "Baker Boy" Hat

Another hat style that can fall into to one of the season looks, heritage. But your not so into to tweed or plaid you can always find a bit more flamboyant or colourful baker boy hat (like Solange's  turbin, baker boy hat crossover).

The Trapper

Another very cute hat that will keep your head and you ears warm.

The Cloche

If your into vintage style then a 1920s/1930s French cloche styled hat will fit right into your wardrobe.

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  1. I LOVE hats and am loving this post! I am on the hunt now for a few of these.:)


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